Bai Yi pump is the pump, a technologically advanced shielding professional manufacturing, processing, development and production for the whole family, located in southeast coastal open city, country town water pump - Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. Wenzhou Expressway from only 1.5 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient. Bai Yi staff has been committed to shielding pump development, research and innovation, is the only company in Taizhou Foreign production and processing to provide a full set of spare parts and technical services throughout the enterprise. Nearly 70 percent of the canned motor pump parts are from the water pump factory in Bai Yi, Bai Yi pump factory has sophisticated equipment, full CNC operation, modern instrumentation, combined with advanced technology, successfully developed the issue of UPS, UPA , LRS high-power, high head, high flow water pump series shield.

Bai Yi pump adhere to "honesty, excellence and innovative business ideas" to "quality first, the lowest price, timely delivery and intimate service," for the purpose for our customers and manufacturers to provide quality products and first class service . Bai Yi employees will, as always, continuous innovation, dedication to our customers the highest quality products, warmly welcome new and old customers guidance and valuable advice, so that we can promptly improve and better serve you!

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